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Jill Amadio


Jill is an author, collaborator, ghostwriter, and screenwriter in both fiction and non-fiction. She's been a film and theater critic, a fashion editor, journalist, and syndicated political columnist. She writes book proposals for clients and speaks on the subject. Her first mystery was published in December 2013 and is the first of a series. Please click to visit her website.

Donna Bevans


Born and raised on Cape Cod, Donna splits her residence between Laguna Woods, and the Palm Springs area in Southern California. Dr. Bevans holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has been a keynote speaker, trainer, and presenter educating audiences about family violence, stress and anger management, divorce recovery, and job burnout. Visit her website here.

Julie Christiansen-Dull


Julie is an award-winning watercolor artist. She has also earned many awards for writing. Currently working on three children's novels and ten picture books, she has been published in many books and magazines. Please click to visit her website.

Patricia Cleary


Patricia Cleary is a professor of bilingual education who lives in downtown Madrid, Spain. A graduate of Vermont College's Program in Writing for Children, Patricia has authored several bilingual books and has written Spanish language curricula for high school students. Of Kira and the Immigrant Thief, she says, "My best childhood friend jumped into life wholeheartedly. This included both the Southern California surf and protests against the despoiling of the sea. She acted with her heart first and dealt with the consequences later. I wondered, if she were dropped into a cosmopolitan city like Madrid, having to tackle a multitude of cultures and languages, what would happen to her?

Larry K. and Lorna Collins


Lorna & Larry have been married nearly fifty years. They both worked in Osaka on Universal Studios Japan, the basis for their memoir. They have since written two mysteries, short stories, a fantasy, and a historical novel. Lorna has contributed to six romance anthologies. They are currently working on two more mysteries, three sci-fi novels, another fantasy novel, and a sequel to their historical novel. Please click to visit their website. And follow Lorna's blog.

Donald Cotner


Don Cotner joined the Army Air Corps reserve, and in May of 1943, he was called to active duty. His book, 1001 B-29s Avenge Pearl Harbor, stirringly recounts some of his experiences. In later years, he and his wife, Jean, competed as race walkers in the Senior Olympics, winning numerous awards and medals. He was a painter and loved nature. Don passed away in June of 2014 and will be missed.


Pauline Crawford Crabb


Pauline Crawford Crabb, oldest of the five children of Paul and Catherine Crawford, has written her life’s story from both an historical perspective, drawing upon the experiences of her parents and grandparents, and also from an introspective view of the heart. Born in Los Angeles, California, she spent nine years in the Philippine Islands, where her family was held as civilian prisoners of war in the Santo Tomas Internment Camp in Manila. Pauline is retired and lives in San Clemente, CA.

Cheryl Gardarian


Cheryl is an author, writer, health researcher, and real estate broker. She lives on a ranch in Southern California where she cares for her husband and her animals. Visit her website to learn more about her upcoming projects.

Julie Rae Gardner


Julie facilitates writing workshops and retreats throughout the world. The result of one of those is the anthology to which she was a contributor. She is currently working on a fiction novel set in North Dakota, a memoir, and poetry. Visit her website here.

Rebecca (RE Geneck) Delo


Rebecca lived in California where she and her husband operated an animal rescue foundation on their ranch. She had many careers including flight attendant (stewardess), real estate sales and development and Commissioner of the California Building Standards. In addition to her hilarious diet book, Rebecca wrote five plays. She passed away in July of 2014 and will be greatly missed.


Sharon Alice Geyer


Sharon Geyer lived and worked in Iran and Israel from 1963 to 1989. She returned to the United States in 1989 and earned a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Arizona State University. She lives and writes today in San Juan Capistrano, preparing for her next adventure.

Carol Holguin, MC, CMT


With more than twenty years of experience in coaching, counseling and bodywork, Carol has developed a gentle, integrative approach to healing, incorporating various modalities to address the client’s concerns in the moment, while holding an overall perspective of wholeness. Therefore, each encounter is unique and has a cumulative healing effect over time. Her clients describe her work as “nurturing, soothing, and deeply healing.” Visit her website here. And follow her blog.


Harvey Mendez


Harvey, born in Wisconsin, currently lives in Montclair, California with his wife, Ann. He is a pharmacist, licensed in three states. In addition to several published books and short stories, he has co-written a screenplay. He runs, walks and plays basketball and is currently working on a new book.

Kristin Orloff


Kristin is a freelance writer who lives in Laguna Niguel, California. Her first published work is a nonfiction biography. She met Reza Abedi when they were colleagues at a high school in Southern California and knew his story had to be told. Read more about it on her website. She has mow published a work of fiction and continues to write.

Leonard & Luanna Rugh


Native Californians, Len and Lu met while working together at a Bob's Big Boy restaurant. They had been married about a year when Len was drafted to serve in Vietnam. Their memoir is a moving account of Len's serious wounding and recovery. Visit their site here.

Christie Shary


Christie is married with two grown sons. She lives in Dana Point, California but has lived in London, Amsterdam, and Mexico City. She has had two award-winning novels published, as well as short stories and poetry. In addition, she has completed several other novels and contributed to four anthologies. She is now working on a romance. Visit her website.

Sid Stebel - Guru Emeritus


Sid (S. L. Stebel) was was one of the group's ex-moderators as well as an extraordinary writing instructor and author. Ray Bradbury called him "The best writing teacher that ever was!" The group learned a great deal from him. Click here to visit his website.

Maria Grazia Swan


Italian-born Maria loves to write. At fourteen, she received her first award for a short story. Swan is fluent in Italian, French, and English. Presently she lives in Phoenix, Arizona where she sells real estate while working on her next book. Please click here to visit her website.

Margie Taylor


Michigan native Margie was a newspaper writer before "retiring" to rear two sons. Her Marine husband's many career upgrades found them living on both coasts and in-between. Their bridge hobby provided instant new friends, even in foreign lands.  It still works in California where they live today.

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