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Many members of the group have published works.  Below are some of them:  

Aspen Grove Romance Anthologies

Snowflake Secrets is an inspirational tale of family, love and finding that special joy that makes life worth living. Can a simple crocheted snowflake contain magic? The Sullivan sisters think so. Lorna Collins wrote Allegra plus the Prologue and Epilogue, Christie Shary wrote Sonata, Luanna Rugh wrote Melody, and honorary Lagunita Writer Sherry Derr-Wille from Wisconsin wrote Carole. Published by Whiskey Creek Press, this anthology was an Eric Hoffer Award and Dream Realm Award finalist. Click here for book club discussion questions.

Seasons of Love is an collection of sweet romances sure to make you smile. Just like our years, love stories have seasons. Honorary Lagunita Writer, Sherry Derr-Wille from Wisconsin, wrote Spring's Fling, Luanna Rugh wrote Summer's Challenge, Christie Shary wrote Autumn's Blessing, and Lorna Collins wrote Winter's Song plus the poems that introduce each story in this anthology published in 2009 by Whiskey Creek Press.  

Directions of Love is the winner of the 2012 EPIC eBook Award for best romance anthology. Best friends Kimi, Melinda, Jacque, and Lilianna grew up in Aspen Grove, Colorado, but went in separate directions after high school. Now they're invited to their twentieth high school reunion. Prologue, Epilogue, and Finding Love in Paradise by Lorna Collins, Love South of the Border Style by Christie Shary, Love, Wisconsin Style by Sherry Derr-Wille, Love Under the Northern Lights by Luanna Rugh 


An Aspen Grove Christmas is a celebration of love and family set during the holidays. Christmas is the magical time of the year and what better place to be then in Colorado with the majestic snow covered Rocky Mountains as a backdrop and snow covered streets and Christmas weddings? Cory's Christmas by Sherry Derr-Wille, Christmas Day by Luanna Rugh, Mistletoe Magic, Prologue, and Epilogue by Lorna Collins,  The Gathering by Christie Shary and introducing new author Cheryl Gardarian with Christmas Treasures.

The Art of Love is the fifth collection of sweet romances set in Aspen Grove, CO. Finding love is an art, and these artists (and aspiring artists) discover that love, like art, requires more than talent. The Chapel of Love by Cheryl Gardarian, A Shot at Love, Prologue, and Epilogue by Lorna Collins, Lady Jane’s Crochet by Sherry Derr-Wille, and An Affair of the Art by Luanna Rugh  

...And a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe is number six in the Aspen Grove series.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

 Four women in Aspen Grove, Colorado will discover the extra blessing this old tradition brings when a silver sixpence appears to change each of their lives. Find out how each of them finds this special good luck promise of love. Something Old by Lorna Collins. Something New by Sherry Derr-Wille, Something Borrowed by Cheryl Gardarian. Something Blue by Luanna Rugh.



Thirty years after Amelia Earhart vanishes in the Pacific, Vincent Carlson, designer of her spy plane, now ex-CIA, still searches for the answer to her disappearance. Amelia was co-written by Harvey Mendez and Christie Shary. Finalist for the 2004 EPPIE award.


Jill Amadio

Gunther Rall was the elite of the elite. The third ranking German fighter ace of World War II with 275 kills, he and his fellow pilots were feared and respected in the war-torn skies of Europe. Rall recounts his many dramatic victories and his narrow brushes with death, as well as a NATO general to writer Jill Amadio.

Eleanor and Rudy Vallee bridged the generation chasm with a steadfast affection that comes across more genuinely than any anecdote in this biography, My Vagabond Lover, co-written with Jill Amadio. From television offers and film scenarios that never materialized to his Broadway "comeback," the book focuses on the twilight of Rudy's career and offers the lasting lesson that fame is fickle.  
In Digging Too Deep, death is discovered on an idyllic southern California island when feisty British gossip columnist Tosca Trevant is banished to the U.S. at the request of Buckingham Palace. Idly snooping out of sheer boredom, she stumbles across what she believes to be human remains in a recently widowed music professor’s rock garden. Tosca asks a retired U.S. Secret Service agent for help, and by solving the riddle of a coded music score, the two sleuths bring a serial killer to an unexpected end.  

Donna Bevans

Whatever it Takes is the story of Dr. Elizabeth Wing who has a busy career as a psychologist until a stalker changes everything. When Detective Frank Gualdoni is assigned her case, he finds a great deal more than he bargains for. But can he keep her alive long enough to find out if their relationship has a future?

It's The Mountain Way It's the Mountain Way is a coming-of-age story filled with suspense and memories of first love. Savannah Benjamin, born and raised in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, knew the ways of the mountain. She had only experienced the outside world from the books she read. But books couldn't teach her how first love felt, or explain why some people who seemed good were not always trustworthy.  
So... You want to write a book: A Manual for the Beginning Writer is intended for the novice writer, answering the questions most new writers have. While it is not a complete guide to writing, it's a great place to start for easy-to-understand guidance to encourage the reader to begin on the road to authorship.  

Scooter & His Friends

Don't Do That, Harry! series, Scooter & His Friends, and Sally & Sadie - Delightful children's picture books with a moral, delivered in charming style.  

Julie Christiansen-Dull


Co-written with Caroline Linscott, Art of the American West, is a beautiful volume featuring some of the best paintings of contemporary American western artists - including the authors.  


Patricia Cleary

Kira and the Immigrant Thief is Patricia Cleary's debut young adult novel. In the heart of Madrid, teenager Kira McIness enters a shadowy world of thieves and pickpockets to recover a pair of stolen earrings. There she confronts a formidable adversary, an East European crime boss, and struggles with Moroccan tradition when, for mysterious reasons, the wrong person confesses to the crime. 


Larry K. and Lorna Collins

31 Months in Japan: The Building of a Theme Park is the story of two Southern Californians embarking on the adventure of a lifetime—moving to Japan to participate in the construction of the Universal Studios Japan® theme park. Join authors Larry K. and Lorna Collins on an odyssey into a foreign culture where they are often misunderstood and frequently confused. 31 Months in Japan, finalist 2006 EPPIE award.

What if a retired NYPD officer is asked to investigate a mysterious death at the National Authors Conference where various attendees offer their theories and suspicions? Murder …They Wrote answers this question as Agapé Jones, retired NYPD detective, tries to determine the truth surrounding the death of Robert Dyer, noted poet and critic.

On an early morning paddle, Agapé Jones' outrigger team finds a body in the water off Maui, thrusting him into unexpected danger. Agapé Jones, retired NYPD detective, is asked to act as special investigator in the murder of famous surfer Philip Fowler, the son of Hawaii State Senator Thomas Fowler. Murder in Paradise allows readers to uncover the answers along with the detective while experiencing a virtual trip to the real Paradise that is Hawaii.

Many people enjoy Lakeview Park, and each one has a unique story. Between the pages, you’ll meet fifteen of them. Lakeview Park is a collection of O. Henry-like slice-of-life stories about the people who frequent a fictitious park. These tales reveal folks of all ages, from a small child to the elderly.



In Ghost Writer, unemployed computer programmer Nan Burton inherits a California beach cottage from her great-great-aunt, she’s delighted. But she’s in for a huge surprise: The house is haunted by the ghost of famous romance writer Max Murdoch (pen name Maxine DuBois) who insists Nan complete his last novel, threatening to keep her from sleeping until she agrees. The ensuing clash pits youth against the long-dead but still egotistical author with humorous and moving results.


The Memory Keeper is the story of Tomás Romero, a native of the Acjachemen band, whom the Spanish renamed Juaneño. In his sixty-ninth year, he recalls all the events of his lifetime, including drought, floods, plagues, the secularization of the mission property, and its return to the church. He marries, raises two children, and makes many friends. Although his story is rich with local history, it is, in the end, an engaging family saga with characters who come alive on the pages.   

Donald Cotner

1001 B-29s Avenge Pearl Harbor: Memoirs of a Flight Engineer features the true tales of an aviation officer of the United States Army Air Corps during the final year of World War II. These stories center around an airman's life on the Pacific island of Tinian, the base from which the B-29 Flying Fortress was unleashed against the empire of Japan.



Pauline Crawford Crabb

My Life Defined is Pauline's memoir of her interesting life. It looks at how she has dealt with her many choices and challenges. It is a deeply personal memoir, relating the joys and sorrows, the hopes and dreams and sharing of faith in an almost fifty-year marriage.  

Barbara Ferguson

A Thought for Today To Guide My Way is a Christian devotional for children. Written in an entertaining manner, each page contains scripture, cartoon illustrations, and a thought for the day. A beautifully illustrated book for parents and grandparents to share with their children and grandchildren.


Cheryl Gardarian

Kim Gordon’s husband was a casualty of the war in Afghanistan. When she's introduced to handsome divorcée, Andy Timber, his job as a motorcycle patrolman is too dangerous in Kim’s estimation. Then a psychopath begins stalking her teenage daughter, Alyssa, and Kim leans on Andy for support. Terror builds to an electrifying climax with a surprising twist. Action, suspense, and romance are liberally spiced with the unpredictable in th compelling story of The Cookie Tree.

Becky Bowman’s life would never be the same after her best friend vanished. Presumed to have drowned in an accident while riding her horse in the California surf, Donna Rayburn disappeared. Becky blamed herself for Donna’s death since she’d been the reason Donna rode her horse into the turbulent water. Donna’s mount returned to the stables, but Donna was never found. The Unexpected Reunion tells Becky's story when she returns years later for a class reunion.

Julie Rae Gardner


NDA KU ONA    I SEE YOU WITH MY HEART VoiceFlame is a nonprofit organization devoted to changing the world, one voice at a time. Through scholarships, writing workshops, leadership training, and publication opportunities, VoiceFlame encourages women in Malawi, Africa to discover the power to transcend their silence. Nda Ku Ona: I See You With My Heart, is a powerful anthology of essays by Malawian and North American women chronicles the flame of understanding that can grow between women from very different cultures. Julie is a contributor to this anthology.

Rebecca (RE Geneck) Delo


 Enjoy hilarious belly laughs reading how this one simple woman has never been able to put a kibosh on the endurance race of quick, but not always successful, weight loss. One door closes another one opens, but what happens if you can't fit through the open door? I see a potential dilemma for we oversized but loveable mortals. WARNING: IF YOU DON'T HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR, PUT THIS BOOK DOWN AND WALK AWAY!

Sharon Alice Geyer

Daughter of Jerusalem

It is the 1960s in California and Sharon is a typical California girl who has gone off to college...until she meets and marries an Iranian student and moves with him to Iran.  Her naive dreams of living as a Persian Princess turn into a living nightmare when she finds herself trapped in Tehran, abused by her husband and denied justice by a culture that demeans women. She finds the courage to escape, but must leave her two young sons behind.  Exiled in Israel, she experiences adventures both wonderful and terrible as she finds a home--and love. 

The Samson Option       -     The Time of Jacob's Trouble.jpg

In The Samson Option, a young Jewish couple is trapped in an adventure involving a splinter group of Muslims, the Israeli Secret Service, Messianic Jews, and dreams of the Archangel Michael. The book provides glimpses of ancient Biblical secrets against a backdrop of modern-day political intrigue, while hoping the couple will survive and be reunited.

In The Time of Jacob's Trouble, sequel to The Samson Option, Ari and Lily are forced to find a new hiding place. The Mossad arranges for them to go to Rome where they are given identities of a monk and nun and are sent back to Jerusalem. Living a lonely existence in a monastery, they discover two strange stones and a petrified almond twig, instrumental in blocking a bio-terrorist attack on the waters of the Jordan River.

In The Return of the Mahdi, Ari and Lily face their worst nightmares as Ari is compelled by the Mahdi Brotherhood to blow up the Golan to dry up the Sea of Galilee. Meanwhile. Lily tries to prevent an even greater catastrophe in Jerusalem. From the shores of the Galilee to the arid peaks of Mt. Sinai, and back to the underground City of David, they make a discovery that will change their destiny.

Harvey Mendez

Red Earth is a sweeping adventure depicting the heroism and determination of Traiko Ivanoff and his family against the Bulgarian Communists in 1958.


In this haunting tale of Old California, The Bull and the Bear, thirteen-year-old Ramon Montiel strives to save his beloved bull, Toro, from a fight with a marauding grizzly bear, a battle that would end in certain death for Toro.


The Cherokee Murders is the story of Kymberlee Shannon who loses her job after several young boys are murdered in Chicago and takes a teaching position in Cherokee, Arkansas—a small town of quirky characters, secrets, and steamy affairs. Then four murders rock the town. Can Sheriff Duke find the killer?


Return to Cherokee picks up the story. Five years after Al Madison is killed, Sheriff Duke zeroes in on the town's killers until Mad King Ludwig, Rolf Wolf and his long-time lover Viktoriya finally clash.


Jake Harwood, a burned-out former marshal, whose wife left him, rides west on his way to California. In the New Mexico desert, he happens upon an overturned stagecoach after an Apache attack. He also encounters several more people along the way. Will Jake reach California?  And what about the others?

An unassuming young pharmacist falls into a cave filled with deadly giant wasps. When he climbs out, he becomes Yellow Jacket, the Crimefighter, ready to right the evils of the world.  
Vincent Carlson, designer of Amelia Earhart’s aircraft, spends time in Army Intelligence, the OSS, and the CIA. After he and his cat, Jerome, survive a cyclone on his island in the Coral Sea, his hammered heart is haunted by memories of the first time he sees, and instantly falls in love with A.E., and becomes obsessed with her. Then she disappears. He yearns to unravel the mystery of A.E.’s disappearance. In desperation, Vincent sails for Brisbane, Australia, hoping to find an answer that will satisfy him. What he does find changes everything.  

Kristin Orloff

American Wings, Iranian Roots

A gold-medal wrestler, Reza's inspiring life celebrates honor, family and freedom. After he leads bloody battles in the 1979 Iranian Revolution and serves in the Air Force, Reza desires a fate beyond the suffocating suppression of Ayatollah Khomeini's Iran. On the last night of the 1982 Military World Wrestling Championships, he grips his gold medal, knowing American wrestlers wait minutes away to help him defect. He must choose between his own freedom and the possible revenge killing of his thirteen year-old brother locked in Ayatollah Khomeini's prison

Harmony This contemporary story follows an upper-class family who has everything money can buy, until it is stripped away under foreclosure and bankruptcy. The adulterous wife, the fast-track husband and the rebelling teenagers is any family next door. As edgy as it is funny, every reader will recognize this family's all-too-real struggle to separate who they are from what they own.

Leonard and Luanna Rugh

What if a severely wounded Vietnam veteran discovers after thirty-one years that the platoon for whose death he believed he was responsible didn’t die? That soldier was Len Rugh, and Promises Kept: How One Couple's Love Survived Vietnam is the story of his recovery and of the love of a special couple that remained strong despite overwhelming odds. Winner of the 2010 EPPIE Award for best nonfiction ebook of the year.


Christie Shary

The Blue Mosaic Vase explores the role of women bound by thousands of years of tradition in a land where sons are prized. Left with only the beautiful blue mosaic vase, a gift he once gave his mother, Mohammad begins his quest for identity, love and belonging. Winner of 2003 EPPIE and 2006 Fresh Voices Awards.

The humorous, heartwarming and adventurous true story of love, friendship and survival, as only an endearing little Mexico City street dog named Lucky could tell it. A yellow mutt with more stamps in his passport than most Americans, he's considered winner of the 'doggie lotto' by all who meet him.  

S.I (Sid) Stebel

Double Your Creative Power is an intelligently written, erudite, step-by-step guide to creating fiction. This book demystifies the process of successful storytelling and eliminates the fear of writing.


A classic roman noir, brilliantly imagined, The Boss's Wife is a  tangle of sex, computer shenanigans, and a measure of murder that teases, tantalizes and titillates.

A novel about an Israeli accused of conspiring with the Nazis, The Collaborator is brilliant, imaginative, fast-paced, and an excellent all-round read, with style and substance. Compelling, frightening and stunning, it's a genuine spellbinder with a shock ending that will leave readers gasping. Now available as an audiobook.

The Shoe Leather Treatment is the inspiring story of Bill Thomas's triumphant nine-year fight for survival in a state hospital for the criminally insane as told to S. L. Stebel

An electrifying adventure fantasy, Spring Thaw whirls into a magical morality tale about brutality of the flesh and the spirit. The book questions accepted definitions of reality with a  fable-like tale of love, betrayal and redemption that echoes with conviction.


Maria Grazia Swan

Chock full of revolutionary real-life stories, tantalizing celebrity trivia and Cosmo-esque quizzes, Boomer Babes: True Tales of Love and Lust in the Later Years’ wisdom can be put to use by women of any age.

Mating Dance is not a step-by-step manual on how to disco or merengue. It’s a chronicle filled with tales of love in unexpected places, stories of women with secret pasts, and yarns about men who don't know what’s good for them or even what they want. Add to that a bit of tantalizing celebrity trivia and Cosmo-esque quizzes, and you will agree Mating Dance is the perfect read for lying by the pool, while peering over the top of the page, scoping out your next partner—the perfect inspiration to kick-start your own Mating Dance.  
When widow Lella York has her best friend’s astrology chart cast by a gypsy in Florence, Italy the last thing she expects to hear is that the chart belongs to a dead woman. But the prediction might already be true. Will Lella survive her connection to the exotic, dangerous woman born under a Gemini Moon?  

In Love Thy Sister, Mina and Paola, Rachel and Sarah. Two sets of sisters, from opposite ends of the world. They came to California with the same sense of survival, the same yearning for love. But life isn’t perfect, not even in sunny Orange County and Mina, the child-woman, gets caught in a web of deception.

Italian-born Mina Calvi has a way of finding trouble. In Bosom Bodies, she offers to help a friend by moonlighting at Bosom Bodies restaurant, but trouble finds her. The body of the restaurant manager is discovered on the beach, a hit and run victim, and Mina’s VW Bug is impounded as the vehicle used in the crime.

Mina Calvi, twenty-something Italian transplant to California and desperate to discover her place in the world, arrives in the town of her birth in Veneto, Italy for an Italian Summer. However, Mina feels even more alone in her motherland than in America. Then a fresh chance at true love gives her hope. But the deadly secrets moldering in the centuries-old cemetery could rip it all from her. Will she find herself or lose her heart again? Can Mina survive her Italian Summer?


Margie Taylor

Margie Taylor

Caribbean or Caribbean...Whatever is a delightful account of living for eleven years aboard a boat in the Caribbean and the interesting adventures encountered. Some years ago, Taylor and her husband planned a one-year cruise. Sailing between Michigan and South America kept them from moving ashore until over a decade later.


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